Inland Ship Registration, Survey and Inspection Offices

In order to control the shipping activities under the Inland Shipping Ordinance 1976, there are 04 Registration & Survey Offices and 06 Inspectorate of Inland Ships. These offices act as subordinate field offices of the Department of Shipping. The registration of newly built vessels and their annual survey are conducted by the Registrar and Surveyor of Registration & Survey Offices. On the other hand, compliance of Inland Shipping Ordinance 1976 in inland vessels is time to time checked by the Inspectors of the Inspectorate offices who are also empowered to take legal actions against the violators. The offices are as under:
  1. Registrar and Surveyor of Inland Ship, Dhaka.
  2. Registrar and Surveyor of Inland Ship, Narayanganj.
  3. Registrar and Surveyor of Inland Ship, Khulna.
  4. Registrar and Surveyor of Inland Ship, Barisal.
  5. Inspectorate of Inland Ships, Dhaka.
  6. Inspectorate of Inland Ships, Narayangonj.
  7. Inspectorate of Inland Ships, Chandpur.
  8. Inspectorate of Inland Ships, Khulna.
  9. Inspectorate of Inland Ships, Barisal.
  10. Inspectorate of Inland Ships, Patuakhali.


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